Honduran Coffee Co-Op and CHIMES

Previously almost exclusively involved in support of the Garifuna Free Hospital in Ciriboya, CHIMES has expanded their areas of effort.  CHIMES is working to assist a small area known for coffee plantations and poor compesinos in their efforts to start and nurture an agricultural co-op.  Their product is mountain grown Honduran coffee. Read More Here







What Are Our Mission Goals in Honduras

Paulette West, Executive Director of UMVIM for the Southeastern Jurisdiction of the UMC, spoke at the AHMEN annual meeting last week.  Ms. West’s presentation dealt with results and what should be our goals of mission work.  Are we creating dependency through charity in our mission efforts?   Or, are we working toward the independence and self-sustainability of Honduras.  All of us have thought about this from many different vantage points.  Again, it is time to address this important question again. 

Download Paulette West's PowerPoint 

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 Scheduled AHMEN Mission Trips to Honduras

Spring and summer are traditional times for mission trips to Honduras.  AHMEN mission trip are no exception. Click on the CALENDAR link above to see what mission trips have been scheduled thus far for 2016.  As more missions are added, they will be listed in the calendar pages.

AHMEN’s missions travel to many areas of Honduras from the mountain to jungles and tropical islands.  Each team has its own calling and purpose.  You will find information about each of these AHMEN Mission Teams linked above under TEAMS

A separate list of current Team Contacts is HERE.