AHMEN teams concerned with water quality in Honduras

     Life In a Single Drop of Water

     Life In a Single Drop of Water

Many AHMEN teams will soon be again working to improve the health of the poor in Honduras through water quality education and installation of home water filtration systems.   The lack of pure, safe drinking water is the largest killer of young children across the world.  Water education has been an important tool for AHMEN. Using the monograph "Worms and Germs" written by AHMEN members, local families learn about the importance of water quality for their family's health.  The monograph was recently update to include the new mosquito borne risks of Zika virus and the Chikungunya virus.   These are available to read or download in English and Spanish.

2016 Health Booklet (English) "Worms and Germs"

2016 Health Booklet (SPANISH)  "Worms and Germs"

In a Drop of River Water



 La Moskitia Medical Team Back from the Jungle

    Joining in Traditional Dancing

    Joining in Traditional Dancing

The AHMEN La Moskitia medical mission team recently returned from the Río Plátano Biosphere Reserve where we held medical and dental clinics in small village of Raista on Ibans Lagoon and far up the Río Plátano in the village of Las Marias.  Our team was comprised of many skilled healthcare providers as well and many lay persons.  We also provided hands-on  instruction about the importance of clean water and supplied dozens of Sawyer water filtration system.  The La Moskitia team has returned there at least once yearly for the past eight years.  To read more about our mission CLICK HERE










 AHMEN Team Reports from Spring and Summer 2016  

          Republic de Honduras

          Republic de Honduras

Some members of 2016 AHMEN Mission teams to Honduras made the effort to share their experiences with the world.  Below are several articles and pictures which give a small taste of the work done to improve the lives of people in Honduras.  As you can see, each represented team and team member is touched is different ways by their AHMEN mission experience.   Read the submitted articles below

Travel in Honduras - Impressions of Bobert Frink- La Moskitia Team April 2016

From Jasper to Raista - Rio de Aqua Viva Teamby Michael Franklin

Discovering La Moskitia by Leana Moncada -  Rio de Aqua Viva Team Spring 2016


!!! ***  From the CDC.  ZIKA VIRUS IN HONDURAS

!!!  The Backpack Ministry by Leisha Boulware.  Further thoughts and progress.

!!!  HydrAid Bio-Sand Water Filters available for shipment to Honduras through Feed My Sheep team.

!!!  Things That Go Buzzzz in the Night.   Mosquitoes in Honduras.  Prevention and Protection

AHMEN Community Involvement graduates receive vests to signify their training.

! ! ! Teachers at Plan de Flores are completing their University degrees in Special Education.  Read about their Social Service requirement in progress.

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