Caring For God's other Critters on Utila

The island of Utila, off the north coast of Honduras, is different from the rest of the country.  Almost an island paradise, many American and European expatriates call it home after their retirement.   Dr. Loretta Potts, DVM left her practice in California for Utila.  She has begun a small practice on the island serving all the people and their animals.   Utila Animal Rescue and Pet Care offers free neutering and care for the many animals on the island.  The clinic is funded by Dr. Loretta and many generous residents, as well as people in the US.   Recently, an Alabama veterinarian arranged for delivery of hundreds of rabies vaccine doses obtained through the state of Alabama.  An AHMEN team delivered the vaccine and other supplies and equipment to Utila.   Visit their Web Page to learn more about Dr. Potts and this mission to help God’s other critters.

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Rio de Aqua Viva

Juntos Todo Es   Possible 

Student at Juntos Todo es Possiblel

Student at Juntos Todo es Possiblel

Rio de Aqua Viva, an AHMEN (Alabama Honduras Medical Educational Network) team to Honduras under the umbrella of UMVIM, traveled to the jungles of La Moskitia in June 2015.  We had many goals and tasks for this endeavor, which will be the subjects of future articles.  Below is one story about our time in Honduras this year.

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 2015 AHMEN Mission to La Moskitia

The 2015 AHMEN medical mission to La Moskitia, sometime known as the "Jungle Team" is home after a successful trip into the eastern Department of Gracias a Dios.   An isolated area sparsely populated by several different indigenous Indian groups.  Far from a hospital and with only a few scattered and poorly equipped Centro de Saluds, our medical mission is a main source of health care in this region.  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE