An Inspired Meeting in the Jungle

             Dr. Delmer Montoya

             Dr. Delmer Montoya

A chance meeting is a small café in a small town on the edge of La Moskitia has inspired a Honduran doctor to become an active member of AHMEN.  It also changed his goals for the rest of his medical career.  Click here to read this personal account


AHMEN in 2015

In a changing rapidly world, the Alabama Honduras Medical Educational Network is working hard to remain relevant to its members and the people of Honduras.  As we continue with our core endeavors, we are striving to broaden our scope of activities to maximize the talents of our membership for the betterment of others.  Here is an overview of what AHMEN is doing in Honduras. Click here to read more




The Gift of Mobility

An estimated 40 million people alive in the world today are unable to walk.  Because of disease, injury, birth defect or a host of other reasons, they are dependent on others for one of the most basic requirements of life as we know it: mobility.   AHMEN team are working to provide the Gift of Mobility to many persons in Honduras, opening doors to self-respect, education and a better way of life.  Click here to read more