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Byron Morales Reports 2017

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AHMEN's Community Empowerment Program has been called many names in the years since Byron Morales began teaching community leaders around Jutiapa (in Atlántida), Cusuna (in Colón), Yorito (in Yoro district), and Raista (in Gracias a Dios) to be the change they want to see in Honduras.  This project is helping Hondurans from all walks of life train as catalysts for local development.  

Every three months a group of around 60 individuals meet and train for three days in each of the three locations.  At the end of three years each individual graduates from the program as a community agent charged with replicating a particular aspect of her training in her home community.  Because the “Total Health Training” builds the capacity of trainees to meaningfully construct solutions to the range of issues facing their communities, the community agents simply refer to AHMEN's long-term educational development program as, El Taller.

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