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Byron pens letter about AHMEN-SIFAT

It’s nothing extraordinary when we work in situations with people who are OK….But to make options available to those who are not okay is to take a Jesus flag and start waving it with those in struggle for a better life, to join them in their dreams.
Four years ago I met a group of rare people, of those close to the extinction! It was the AHMEN Team at Limon, a forgotten community in Honduras. I made contact with them by invitation to develop a joint program between SIFAT and AHMEN (ASI). After meeting them for a week and visiting the Cusuna community I returned to the house where I stayed in Siguatepeque.  It was around 3:00 AM and with my light I observed an army of ants working hard at that time. The picture was just wonderful!  Like the ant army was determined to join together in a joint cause, so too was AHMEN.  I could think of no better organization to collaborate with in Honduras.
Since then I have been marching with them as part of my goal to equip communities with ongoing proactive training centers.
I train local leadership in the communities.  Community members attend quarterly workshops for a learning style combining theory and practice. The theory covers health issues, social problems, environmental care, appropriate technology and community projects. With the support of local facilitators and AHMEN Teams coming every year, the Community Agents graduate from the program after with a certificate recognizing their capacity to work actively in their communities developing projects and community organization in order to improve their living conditions.
Forty agents from the Garifuna and Misquito ethnic group at ASI-Cusuna have already graduated.  A second group in Yorito is completing next the second year of their training, and one more is coming to the end of the first year in Jutiapa. A total of 150 community agents are involved in this hope for life experience!
Join our journey to train communities to become the agents of change they need to transform their circumstances  Contact Michael Franklin with your name and information so that AHMEN will count on your active support today!