The Honduran Christmas Shoebox Ministry

The Christmas Shoe Box Ministry was an idea born at 31,000 feet as a mission team was returning from Honduras.  

A group of registered nurses realized that the children back on the ground in the villages they had just left, probably were NOT going to have much for Christmas.  

The question was:  "isn't there someone who sends gifts at Christmas time?"
"Yes, Franklin Graham does," was the reply.  "Can we get him to send some?"  This was late August, and probably too late to start with Franklin Gram's group, but we could do it," he said.
When the plane landed one hour later in Houston, TX, those nurses each had a list of Sunday School Classes and different churches they were going to contact.  That first Christmas, the Lord had us ship 1,057 Christmas shoeboxes.

    Second year       1,730 +
    Third year         2,200 +
    Fourth year       2,799 +
    Fifth Year         3,400 +
    Sixth Year         3,800 +
    Seventh Year    4,700 +
    Eighth Year       5,800 +
    Ninth Year        6,100 +
    This year          7,100 +
If you would like to participate, contact this web site (AHMEN) or call CD Tripp at (256) 318-7650 or (256) 318-4947.  We found a problem in that some children would receive a man's size 14-shoe box and their siblings would receive a small child's shoe box.  So, we solved this problem by furnishing the same size shoeboxes each year to everyone to fill.
There are ways you can help by volunteering, even if you and/or your Sunday School Class cannot supply a box.  Just contact us.  "Blessed are the little children, for they shall...."

Click here for a suggested list of items to pack in your Christmas Shoebox.


Containers and Warehousing

When we first calculated cost of checking all of our teams’ annual medical/educational/project supplies, it was apparent our organization had grown beyond the utility of the airport’s check baggage counter.  As a result, AHMEN has two separate warehouses.

Decatur, Alabama, USA

Between the Spring and Fall shipments, we store our supplies in the United Methodist Disaster Relief Warehouse in Decatur, Alabama.  This warehouse is the staging area for loading of containers that are used to ship goods from the USA to Honduran mission field.  This warehouse is run by Rev. Ray Crump. 

La Ceiba, Atlántida, Honduras

The second warehouse is located in La Ceiba, Honduras and is used for storage and distribution of the materials for team supplies for the teams and distribution of items sent for mission work in general.  It is located on the main mission compound of Cruzadas de Evangelico, an Evangelical Protestant ministry located throughout Honduras.  This warehouse is run by Brent and Doris Brady. 

AHMEN ships two 40 ft. containers to Honduras each year.

The Spring Container contains primarily items necessary for the 10 - 20 AHMEN teams to use in their work in Honduras.  This includes such things as medicines, medical supplies and equipment, educational materials, Bibles, water filters, etc.

The Christmas Container is used to send items for the affiliated full time missionaries in Honduras to use in their work with kids and a "Christmas Shoe Box Ministry" of from 4,000 to 7,000 shoe boxes filled with items for children to open for Christmas. In each shoebox, we try to have crayons and a Spanish coloring book telling the story of the birth of Jesus.

Contact CD Tripp and Linda Tripp for all of your Container shipping needs.