Deaf School

All mothers must speak with their children.  Mariana is no different.  When her son, Josue, was born, he could not hear her warm words and caring voice.  He was deaf.

Instead of feeling sorry for herself, Mariana learned sign language and sent Josué to study at the school for deaf students almost three hours away in La Ceiba.  After graduation, Josué returned with the dream to start a deaf school in his hometown, and that is exactly what he and his mother have done.  

There are now a dozen students with hearing impairments and other special needs studying at the aptly named Juntos Todo Es Posible (Together Everything Is Possible) Deaf School of Plan de Flores.  Josué is studying to become the first deaf college graduate from the university in La Ceiba, and Mariana is working to properly certify the additional sewing and carpentry components of the school as part of a complete technical education center.

AHMEN, Mariana, Josué and his sister Susana invite you to partner with them.  They invite you to spend a week working at the school, teaching what skills you have to share, sharing your love, and helping them build their dream.  

Contact Beth Chatham, Dr. Tom Camp or Michael Franklin for more info on how to add a monthly sponsorship and/or plan a team to work at the Deaf School in Plan de Flores

“Many things seem impossible in Honduras, but together all things are possible.”
    - Josué Salinas

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