Las Mujeres Bisuteras de Dios – Women Beading for God

Many of us avoid uncomfortable.  Ten years after returning from a single trip to Honduras God told Dr. Ezekiel Nichols to quit avoiding the need presented to him.  Nichols said  “There is a soup kitchen and a church there but no chance for economic advancement.”  He asked us to float the idea of helping the  La Ceiba city dump community of Los Laureles start a business.  

The work of development is slow.  First, a group had to rally around an idea.  Once they decided to become a jewelry school, that group had to begin moving forward with a plan.  Then, they had to learn to get along with each other as profits began to come in, taper off, disappear completely, and trickle in again.  This is all within the atmosphere of living in abject poverty and violence.  Within these circumstances, however, the laurels have bloomed brightly.

Their volunteer teacher, Peggie Hurlston, has taught them the fundamentals to be creative and functional.  The group soaks up like a sponge each new style AHMEN teams have dropped in to teach.  They are ready for a long-term plan.  They have joined the AHMEN-SIFAT Initiative to expand their networks.  They are ready to begin organizing as a fair-trade business.  They are ready to put their new skills to work as a collectiva of artisans.  They are ready for you!

If you are interested in taking on the challenge of a long-term micro-enterprise, contact AHMEN today!  This is no light undertaking, but neither is anything worth doing right.  


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